CBA works with your team to help create a raffle that makes the most sense for your target demographic. On the day of the event CBA assists with the selling of raffle tickets. Our goal is to help generate interest and excitement. Our staff will even dress to compliment the theme of your gala for added enthusiasm.


For most events the silent auction has become a sore subject. Lots of work and low reward. At CBA we developed an entirely new concept known as the cocktail Auction. We have incorporated CBA’s one of a kind closing technique, which, on average, increases revenue between 30-40%. Less work, more revenue, and increased energy going into the live auction…what is there to lose?


Most events rely on an Emcee that works from a stationary podium. However, CBA uses a completely different approach. We implement a professional lead auctioneer with a cordless mic as well as additional professional auctioneers to replace volunteer bid spotters. This creates an environment of excitement all throughout the crowd that not only entertains guests, but also drives up bids and increase your bottom line.


We are there to help you right from the start. CBA’s event planners assist with gala themes, vendors recommendations, and venue selection. CBA also helps you build your fundraising committee, and guide you in your decision making process to ensure your event is the best it can be. We also introduce exciting and innovative procurement concepts for both silent and live auction opportunities.