Charity Benefit Auctions is a professional benefit auction company that was founded in 1993. We have raised millions of dollars for charities worldwide using an innovative and high energy approach to fund raising. We have offices in LA, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. We serve clients all over California as well as across the United States.



CBA’s event planners can assist with gala themes, vendors, and venue selection. We will help you build your fundraising committee, and guide you in your decision making process to ensure your event is the best it can be.


CBA will provide a well-oiled team of auctioneers who drive up bids, entertain guests, and increase your bottom line. CBA provides added confidence that everything is being handled professionally.




We are very familiar with the logistics that produce the best gala possible. CBA will not only consult on design, budget, and timeline; but we will help you create opportunities that may already exist within your foundation and remarket the ones that have lost some luster.

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Our staff of auction professionals will ensure your event goes above and beyond your expectations. We are constantly working to help you identify your fundraising strengths, we work tirelessly bringing you up to speed with new innovations and we are constantly staying current on what is trending. We help guide you through every step of the process to create a successful auction fundraiser. Our goal is for you to have more time, money and recourses to continue to make a difference!