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“Sean you did an outstanding job. The room was energized and the parents were engaged and bidding. All the parents and teachers were so impressed with you and even those who questioned our hiring of a a professional auctioneer in the first place had changed their positions after the event. You rocked the room! It was such a pleasure working with you and your team, but I have a feeling you will be back next year. Thanks so much!”

“Chris Tuttle did a magnificent job as our auctioneer. He met with us a few weeks before the auction and was genuinely interested in getting to know our school and our cause. He took the time to understand each of our live auction items.  He did a great job reading the crowd and getting maximum bids. At live auction time, Chris was ON. He had prepared note cards on each item was was ready to go! He motivated the crowd and got them bidding quickly. He had the keenness to know when to push an item and when to back off. His efforts and professional attitude created a huge success for our fundraising event! We highly recommends Chris Tuttle as an auctioneer.”

bill-nye“Damon Casatico and Charity Benefit Auctions are true friends of ours. They have worked endlessly to raise the most money possible for our cause. His team is very professional and they are all delightful to work with. I have worked with many auction companies and I can say that to raise the most possible money for your organization you need to use Charity Benefit Auctions. Damon Casatico is the best, hands down.”

Because your event is unique, so are your needs. A complemintary consultation will let us create a customized approach to working with you.

Who We Are

Founded in 1993, today Charity Benefit Auctions raises millions of dollars for charities world wide using an innovative and high energy approach to fund raising. Our greatest asset is our team. Every Auctioneer at Charity Benefit Auctions comes to us with a wealth of auction experience. They are the best in the business and are extremely sincere about your success.
  • Brittany
    BrittanyAuction Coordinator

    Brittany has worked with CBA for several years. Brittany is a great asset to our team with her attention to detail. In her free time she like spending time with her daughter, running and date nights with her husband. Brittany has an active role in her community and is always helping those in need.

    • Carmiña

      Carmiña has been an auction coordinator with CBA since 2007. Carmiña has found how much she enjoys fundraising. When she is at an event Carmiña helps to capture the energy in the air and bring it to the clients, helping them be as successful as possible. When Carmiña is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

      • Laura

        Laura has appeared at auctions as a young Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s all the way to a Lion Tamer! Laura will help bring your theme to life. Her range is exceeded only by her beauty. Laura is is a confident and competent Auction Coordinator and has come up with some of the newest and most creative ways to sell raffle opportunities. Laura owns the highest raffle sales percentage at CBA! And has a record number in 2010 for 100% sell outs of raffle tickets.


        • Mallory

          Mallory has worked with Charity Benefit Auctions for several years. She is great asset to the company. She enjoys working the raffles during the auctions and is determined to sell 100% of the raffle tickets.

          Mallory is currently working to save money for nursing school. She is very passionate about people and wants to make a difference especially with our youth.

          • Sarah

            Sarah is a treasure to CBA with her she brings a glowing personality and positive attitude. There are no obstacles that Sarah can not overcome. When not working with CBA she enjoys spending time with her young daughter and son. She also loves giving back to the community, with her involvement in the Vaca Valley 20-30 Club.

            • Kayleigh
              KayleighAUCTION COORDINATOR

              Kayleigh joined CBA after graduating from Woodbury University in Los Angeles California. She brings with her a vast background of event planning and fund raising.

              Kayleigh loves to travel and has even studied abroad in London. She loves meeting new people and has brought some fresh new ideas to the already dynamic team.

              • Caitlin
                CaitlinAUCTION COORDINATOR

                Caitlin has a dazzling personality and is a quintessential “people person”!

                Caitlin enjoys the time she spends at events. She is eager to help and will do whatever you need done. In her free time she enjoys cooking and shopping.

                • Tara
                  TaraAuction Coordinator

                  Tara’s chameleon-like personality compliments any auction atmosphere. Her background in marketing and advertising brings a unique eye to our team. You can count her for out-of-the-box thinking, but she is always very conscience of your brand as well. Her attention to detail, as well as an extensive background in client management makes her easy to work with and she always focuses on CBA’s most important and #1 goal – making our clients happy. Tara loves the outdoors and in her free time you are sure to find her hanging out with her german shorthaired pointer, Mosely.

                  • Cris
                    Cris has been with CBA for several years. Cris is one of the youngest members of our team but with that he bring a great energy. He is a great asset to the company and enjoys connecting with the audience during the auction. Cris is talented at creating an excitement when everyone is bidding.  When Cris is not working with CBA you can find him on the basketball court and coaching.
                    • Corinn
                      CorinnAUCTION COORDINATOR

                      Corrinn has been with CBA since 2005. Corinn’s charming personality makes a great addition to every auction. She is great at interacting with the crowd and making sure your event runs smoothly.

                      Corrinn lives in San Clemente with her husband. In her free time Corinn loves working out and instructs pilates.

                      • Aubrey
                        AubreyOffice Manager

                        Aubrey came to CBA while in college at California State University Sacramento since graduating in 2008. Aubrey has made her self a valuable asset to CBA through her belief “that it is not just an opportunity to raise money for non-profits but that it is an obligation we share to raise the most money possible”.

                        Aubrey is quite possibly the busiest member of the CBA Team involved in literally every aspect from contract negotiation, night of auction execution, post auction follow up, and re booking.

                        In the little spare time she enjoys event planning, cooking, and always makes time for travel.

                        • Seth

                          With a diverse background and a passion for living life with enthusiasm, Seth brings excitement and an uplifting personality to your event. Seth has a way of making friends with the crowd and creates an atmosphere of giving. Seth began his auction career even before graduating Western College of Auctioneers in Billings, Montana. Seth lives in Jackson with his son and wife. In his free time Seth enjoys camping and hunting.

                          • Tobias

                            Toby is considered one of the best bid-spotters in the world. Toby has been with CBA since day one. He is always the first at an event and the last to leave. Toby will work endlessly at your event. He has a passion for people and fundraising. In Toby’s time off he enjoys traveling.

                            • Mike

                              Mike is best known for his energy and enthusiasm in the live auction. His energy is contagious and he always manages to get the quietest crowds laughing and participating in the auction. Mike lives in Laguna Nigel with his wife and two children. Mike has a passion for collector cars and mountain bike riding.

                              • David

                                David has been with CBA since day one and is personally responsible for the fasting growing auction component in the company. Dave’s magnetic personality and love for people shines during the cocktail auctions at CBA events. Dave’s charisma is infectious and his interaction with guests is one of our secret ingredients for a successful auction. When David is not raising money as an Auctioneer or watching his children’s soccer matches he enjoy’s car collecting and wake boarding.

                                • George

                                  George is known as the consummate professional, showing up early and leaving late. He continually goes above and beyond clients’ expectations. George commutes from Elk Grove, California where together with his wife Kris. He stays busy raising their three young children. George is an avid reader and enjoys two to three books a week while managing to squeeze in a few games of pool.

                                  • Ken

                                    Ken has become CBA’s greatest asset. Ken’s charm, personality, and love for fundraising really shines through at every event. He is quickly emerging as one of California’s best fundraising auctioneers. Ken lives in San Clemente with his wife and two kids. Ken is also a former professional surfer and when he is not conducting record breaking auctions, you can find him traveling the world in search of great surf.

                                    • Chris

                                      Chris is CBA’s youngest Auctioneer but don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. Chris has already racked up a significant share of CBA’s successful auctions. With eight years auction experience under his belt Chris is a confident addition to the A Team at CBA. Chris is an automobile enthusiast and spends his time away from CBA enjoying pursuing his passion collecting and reconditioning all kinds of specialty autos.

                                      • Sean

                                        Long time friends Damon and Sean run the most prestigious benefit auction company in California. In a period of economic uncertainty Sean and the CBA team have repeatedly turned in record performances and are experiencing an unprecedented period of growth that has immortalized CBA as the first choice for fundraising in Southern California. Sean’s experience and passion for fundraising is unparalleled and his commitment to his client’s success is evident in over 150 successful auctions last year. Sean lives in Newbury Park, California with his wife and beautiful kids. Sean enjoys what little free time he has, traveling and camping with his family. He also loves to watch his daughter ride horses and watch his son race motocross.

                                      • Damon

                                        Damon founded CBA in 1993 and remains a huge part of CBA’s success. While Damon gets a lot of attention for his night of auction performances, it is his time spent with his clients that he credits most for his success. It is Damon’s belief that, “if you don’t know who you are raising the money for and how it will be spent you aren’t going to be very compelling.” Each meeting thousands of dollars are created by working with staff and volunteers on building an environment dedicated to fundraising. Damon stays very busy meeting with clients and working auctions, in his free time you can find him with his family or on the basketball court.

                                      • Todd Main
                                        Todd MainAUCTIONEER

                                        Todd Main has been auctioneering since 1995. He learned early on in his career, that being a successful auctioneer requires more than just “talking fast”.

                                        Todd always takes the time to get to know his clients and their specific challenges. He enjoys his travels but relishes his time in Newport Beach with his wife and two young children.

                                        When he is not taking his kids to tee-ball, birthday parties or gymnastics, he enjoys playing golf and basketball. He enjoys his travels but relishes his time in Newport Beach with his wife and two young children.

                                      “A live auction conducted the right way will create an environment conducive to fundraising and generate thousands more toward your bottom line.” -Sean Endicott

                                      Our Services

                                      Charity Benefit Auctions is widely recognized as the leader in Benefit and Gala auction fundraisers.

                                      “Sounds a lot better than silent auction doesn’t it? It works a lot better too.”

                                      No matter how successful your silent auction has been CBA’s method will improve both the total guest experience and your revenue. Our patented CBA Auction Closing Arrow, will insure that the guest who is willing to donate the most will win. Our method will energize your silent auction and  increases your guests’ level of excitement and generosity. Silent auctions do not run themselves and we have developed a unique way to close your silent auction. No matter how successful your silent auction already is; CBA will improve it with our method of closing.

                                      Most of the adoration we receive from the press comes as a result of our Auctioneers on Auction night. We create an environment that encourages and makes bidding fun! For many guests it is the first time they’ve been treated to a professional auction team. The Professionaly trained CBA Auction Team uses our Advanced Auction Technique to increase the level of energy to create an environment that becomes about donating as opposed to shopping this is an essential component to insure we maximize each and every donation at your event and ultimately insure a better bottom line. Charity Benefit Auctions delivers results at every auction! Many auctioneers will tell you they can help you raise more money. CBA is different and we prove it at over 150 auctions per year!


                                      It is important to have your raffle tickets sold by professionals. The CBA team will interact with your guests in a fun yet professional manner to boost raffle ticket sales!
                                        • Insights on how to formulate strategy, spark innovation, manage risk and get the overall highest performance from staff and volunteers!
                                        • Strategic product placement and auction writing consultation
                                        • Development and re-marketing concepts
                                        • Complete auction consultation including access to our proprietary concepts and techniques
                                        • Our patented Charity Benefit Auction closing sign
                                        • Professional raffle sales team
                                        • On site auction coordinating
                                        • Meeting representation including staff development and proven product procurement procedures
                                        • Night of Auction Team based on your needs
                                        • Consignment opportunities with complete guaranteed, no risk, including delivery and set up
                                        • Guest building strategies to recruit powerful donors
                                        • Access to all our assets including audio and visual relationships, venues and Greater Giving
                                        • Introduce new concepts regarding trends and innovations in fundraising
                                        • Fresh ideas on day to day approach to decision making
                                        • Virtually limitless resource of creativity
                                        • Re-invent your benefit

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